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Track List

1. Ride Behind a K-4 (4-6-2) - A Class K-4 locomotive starts a passanger train and quickly gathers speed amid the echos fram passing buildings close to the track. Listen for the familiar Pennsy chime passanger whistle blowing for grade crossings.

2. The Morning Commuter - From a trackside vantage point we hear an outstanding recording of another K-4 in typical fast passanger service.

3. Class T-1 (4-4-4-4) Duplex, Westbound - The unusual double exhaust is first heard as the locomotive, hauling a passanger train, passes the site of the old Kittanning Point station, crossing the fill, and counds the Curve well on its way towards the summit at Gallitzin.

4. Class J (2-10-4) Manifest, Westbound - The exhaust of the locomotive upon her assult on the grade is as clear as the air. The engine is in excellent mechanical condition and is working a bit faster that the avarage freight train on the Curve.

5. Class I-1sa (2-10-0) Work Train, Eastbound - This train is traveling eastbound, downgrade, and is making "rod noise" so typical on Horseshoe Curve by engines enroute to the terminal at Altoona for serviceing. The noise of the driving rods becomes very distinct close to repair time

6. East and Westbound Action, Class I-1sa - Another freight train of less tonnage, with a Class I-1sa in the lead, is assulting the Curve westbound, while a second freight train with a Class J locomotive is drifting downgrade with the cylinder cocks open, and making the whistling sound so charactoristic of their class.



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